Fort Polk Spouses'
& community Club

2019-2020 Vendor Policies

  1. The table fee for Evening Socials are as follows:
    1. Non-profit organizations - $18.00
    2. Businesses - $27.00
  2. All vendors, including non-profit organizations, are required to donate an item for our opportunity table. Donations are suggested to have a value of $10 or more.
  3. In order for Vendors to sell cash and carry items during our Evening Socials they must provide proof of Fort Polk Solicitation Permit (obtained from Fort Polk MWR and can take up to 30 days).
  4. In the event of a Vendor cancellation, the Vendor must notify the Vendor Coordinator at least five (5) days prior to the Evening Social. If timely notification is not received, the above fees apply and must be paid. Failure to payf fees will result in forfeiture of future vendor opportunities.
  5. Vendors shall in no way hold FPSC responsible for broken, lost, or stolen items or damage to items due to fire, water, or any other cause.
  6. FPSC will limit the number of Vendors selling like items and duplicate companies/brands will not be permitted. Each vendor may represent only one company/brand and no more than one company/brand may be represented at each table. FPSC reserves the right to accept, deny, and manage Vendor assignments at our discretion.
  7. Failure to comply with above listed policies may result in forfeiture of future vendor opportunities.
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